Pharma Pellets Manufacturers in India

Pharma Pellets Manufacturers in India
Zen Biotech is one of the leading Pharma Pellets Manufacturers in India, which manufactures and supplies pellets to the varied pharmaceutical industries for both the global and the local markets. we manufactures and supplies varied pallets such as Antimalarial pellets Anti-Allergics Pellets, Antifungal Pellets, Hyperacidity & ulcers Pellets, and antiastamatics pellets. Apart from that,we manufactures and supplies around 33 categories of drugs.

What is Pellets in Pharma?

The pharma pellets are small cylindrical units that contain the drug substances and are very effective when compared to the other conventional single units such as tablets and capsules. The pharma pellets manufactured by Zen Biotech adhere to the quality standards and are GMP-certified. Good manufacturing practices are very important as they ensure that the pharma pellets that are manufactured and supplied are effective and reliable.

It is also one of the well-renowned Pharma Pellets Manufacturers in India, which is ISO-certified and infuses innovative technology during the manufacturing process of the Pharma pellets. The pellets in pharma - pharmaceutical industry are manufactured using a process called pelletization which converts the chunks of powder into the small cylindrical shape called pellets. The pharma pellets have a lot of advantages such as they can be incorporated into the capsules, tablets, and other dosage forms. The drug that is incorporated into the pharma pellets is released gradually and hence remains very effective rather to the conventional tablets. Also, multiple drugs can be incorporated into the pharma pellets, hence providing more flexibility.

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