Nifedipine Sr Pellets Manufacturers

Nifedipine Sr Pellets Manufacturers In India

Nifedipine Sr Pellets Manufacturers In India
Looking to secure a partnership with the best Nifedipine sr pellets manufacturers in India? Zen Biotech is where you need to head!

Headquartered in Hyderabad, we are a 20-year-plus company with a goal to provide safe, effective, and affordable medicines that also meet various quality standards. We strive to achieve this by investing our efforts in R&D, production excellence, and customer satisfaction. We specialise in the production of anti-allergic pellets, anti-asthmatic pellets, anti-malarial pellets, anti-fungal pellets, and other formulations.

As a top-rated Nifedipine sr pellets manufacturers in India, we employ the services of highly skilled professionals, scientists, researchers, and skilled technicians who share a common vision with the company; to deliver quality-driven medication for every possible medical application. Keeping this ethos in mind, we adhere to numerous quality regulations which allow us to deliver high-quality drugs that meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike. We are GMP certified, WRG accredited, and also conform to ISO 9001-2004 quality norms. Each of our product is tested and undergo a series of quality control measure to ensure we keep up with our promise to impact lives positively.

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